"Dr. Jerry has done an excellent job bringing me from a state where I could barely walk to being virtually pain-free within a few visits. He provides a wealth of information and genuinely cares about my recovery. Highly recommended."

Steve, Mishawaka

"Thank you Hofferth Chiropractic for giving me a PAIN-FREE life again! I enjoy every visit with Dr. Jerry! His professionalism and art of healing has helped me to truly "take control of my health!"

Susan, Granger

"This was my first chiropractic experience. My husband was against it, but suffering so much pain, I was determined to give it a try. I'm glad I did. My leg feels really great now and I'm able to do my regular walks in comfort."

Linda, South Bend

"I came to seek Dr. Jerry's assistance after hearing testimonials of significant pain relief and cure of pain. I saw another chiropractor at least 4 times and still did not get relief. Since I started treatment from Dr. Jerry and his great staff of massage therapists, I immediately got relief and it has continued to improve."

April, Osceola

"At first I was hesitant to visit 'yet another bone cruncher'. However I was pleasantly surprised at Dr. Jerry's approach. Instead of focusing on bone manipulation and setting the next appointment, Dr. Jerry focused on the root of the problem - setting me on the path to recovery with the surprising goal of reducing or even eliminating return visits! In teaching me stretches, exercises and other lifestyle changes, Dr Jerry's 'everything is connected' approach has been a godsend!"

Richard, South Bend